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Welcome to Critically Loved, where we are navigating life with a critically ill child. If you’re here, your life has already taken many unexpected turns.  Life is, well… just harder for you than it is for most of your friends.  Your life is probably full of endless doctor appointments, hospital stays, fighting insurance claim denials, scheduling appointments, helping your child with school, managing your other children, working and trying to not make your spouse a last priority.

My vision for this website is to be a free resource for parents to encourage each other and share lessons we have learned along the way – like how to fight insurance with denied claims, financial aid and cost share programs that are available for medical bills and how to get insurance approval for out of network facilities.

My daughter is the inspiration for this Resource, so I would love for you to meet her. Say hello Celia! Celia has enlarged blood vessels in all of her intestines that rupture and bleed a lot. She is one of six children currently in the US with this condition.  This is complicated by her also having a blood clotting disorder.  She often has to receive blood transfusions, iron infusions and blood clotting treatments to stabilize her.  So, much of her childhood has been spent in and out of the hospital.  There is rarely a week that she is not in the hospital for some kind of treatment or in multiple specialists’ offices – which I’m sure you can relate to.

Check back often as I will be adding content frequently or you can sign up to receive notification of updates. 

I am so glad you are here! Much Love!



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