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Locating where to apply for medical waivers to help with your child's healthcare costs can be frustrating. Below are helpful phone numbers and links to help get you started with the application process. As always, consult your local Department for Community Based Services for accurate information.

Specialized Charities are the BEST resources for helping you navigate your child’s condition. They can guide you through applying for Medicaid, medical waivers available, recommendations on treatment plans, doctors in your area who specialize in your child’s condition and much more! Click the link below to find one near you

 Specialized Charities

This information is subject to change and may not be up to date.

Please check with your local Social Security office and Department for Community Based Services for accurate information.

Dream Factory

Would having a dream granted be a good distraction for your child? The Dream Factory does just that for children with a chronic or critical illness! Click above to find a local chapter

Ronald McDonald House

Does your child have an upcoming treatment at a facility out of town? The Ronald McDonald House is an awesome resource to help families! Click above to find a location

Make a Wish Foundation

Granting wishes for children with life threatening illnesses. Click above to find a local chapter

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