Establishing a Medical Intervention Plan at Your Child’s School

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School can quickly become overwhelming to children with a critical or chronic illness.  With endless doctor and hospital visits, time spent away from school can result in mounding make-up work that seems impossible to catch up. Absences can also quickly go beyond the maximum allowed by state law.  For years, I thought home schooling was the only option for my child.  Then I learned about Medical Intervention Plans (also called a 504 plan) available at schools.

To establish a 504 Plan for your child at their school, schedule an appointment with their school Counselor or Principal.  Be sure to take your child’s Medical Summary, letters from doctors stating their condition and other supporting documents. If your child’s doctor’s office has a Social Worker on staff, they also may be able to supply needed medical information to the school about your child’s condition.

Once established, a 504 Plan can allow:

  • Extra time to complete work
  • Homework reduction
  • Increased absences

Some schools require setting up the plan once and adjusting as needed.  However, other schools require parents to set up the plan each year.  Be sure to check with your child’s school to see what their requirements are.

A 504 Plan is for medical conditions only, not for learning disabilities.  Your child may need only a 504 Plan, only an Individual Education Plan (IEP) established for learning disabilities or both.  To learn more on the differences, Click here.

Watch the video to learn more. We are in this together!

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